Seyou Foods Inc.

Company Name Seyou Foods Inc.
Year Established 1991
Location South Korea
Main Markets Micronesia,N. Marianas,U.S.A
President Luke Park
Phone +82-31-622-1551
FAX +82-31-622-1550
Address 607, Amigo Tower, 358-2, Yatap-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA


Seyou Foods Inc. has been established as a subsidiary company of Seyou Corporation which has grown up as a promising small company with solid finance condition over 25 years. We have been exporting can Kimchi since 1991, and our customers put a high reputation on its quality and preservability.
Seyou Foods Inc. has developed a special canning technology which enabled us to keep the texture crunchy. We are proud of ourselves on providing best quality of product and being a leading provider of can Kimchi in Korea. We hope consumers enjoy real taste of Korean Kimchi in more convenient way.

Now we are planning to boost our business and expand can Kimchi market world-wide. We are looking forward to being your trustful business partner in near future.


  1. Started as a private company “Seyou products”
  2. Incorporated “Seyou Products Corporation Ltd.”
  3. Awarded “Export President’s Award”
  4. Changed a company name to “Seyou Corporation”
  5. Can Kimchi business is separated from “Seyou Corporation”, and established “Seyou Foods Inc.”.